BOOSTED 7588 1.32 T6 Turbocharger 1150-1500HP Rating – Hi Temp Black Finish


External Wastegate, T6 Twin Entry Inlet Flange, V-Band Exhaust Flange

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Aeroflow Performance Boosted turbochargers are designed specifically for the enthusiast who wants optimal performance at a competitive price. Boosted Turbochargers have a range of specific turbos to meet your power goals, driving style and budget. Boosted turbocharger’s utilise billet compressor wheels and feature the latest aerodynamic design that maximises horsepower and boost response throughout the rev range. The turbine wheel is constructed from Inconel, a Super Alloy that maintains strength during prolonged exposure to extremely high exhaust gas temperatures. Boosted Turbocharger’s are available in 360° journal bearing, dual and triple ceramic ball bearing cartridges designed to prolong the turbo lifespan and improve shaft balance. Boosted Turbocharger’s are also available in oil/water or oil cooled versions to help keep temperatures to a minimum. The boosted range of turbos are available with a ported shroud compressor cover housing which increases surge resistance and provides reliable, continuous power throughout the engine’s RPM. Boosted turbochargers are available for a direct bolt-on for some Ford’s and Nissan’s with further models in development. Boosted turbos are available in natural aluminium or high temp black compressor cover options.



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Turbine Inlet Flange


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BOOSTED 7588 1.32 Turbocharger Specifications

Recommended horsepower rating: 1150-1500HP
Recommended engine displacement: 3L to 7L

This is a 360° journal bearing turbo
This is an oil cooled turbocharger
Billet aluminium 7 + 7 compressor wheel
Ported shroud compressor housing cover
Speed sensor port included in compressor cover (sold separately, AF8050-1010)
External wastegate sold separately
1/4NPT turbo oil feed fitting
Recommended turbo drain adapter AF463-02 or AF463-06
V-bands sold separately
Turbine inlet flange gasket sold separately AF9557-0007
Optional 1.31 V-band rear housing sold separately AF8050-1002

Inducer: 75mm
Exducer: 100.32mm
Extended Tip: 105.9mm

Inducer: 95.71mm
Exducer: 88mm
A/R: 1.32

Compressor Inlet: 5″ Slip fit
Compressor Outlet: V-Band (AF8080-1006)
Turbine Inlet Flange: T6 Twin Entry
Turbine Outlet Flange: V-Band (AF8080-1005)
Wastegate: External wastegate


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